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Web Academic Application LMS

>    Engaging user experience
>    Nice and usable interface
>    Complete elearning features
>    Manage courses, materials, learning and collaboration with a wide set of options
>    Flexible User Management
>    Easily organize you users in unlimited groups and customizable fiels
>    Outstanding Report System
>    Build extensive reports with the built in wizard to export in different formats or send with the email scheduler
>    Integrated certificate system
>    Automatic creation of dynamic pdf certificates
>    Classroom Management
>    Ability to manage classroom courses, student presence, locations, calendars...
>    Sell your courses online
>    Native ecommerce functionalities, with cart and paypal integration
>    Multiple clients or brands
>    Manage multiple-clients-or-brands from a single installation, with different administrators
>    Talent Management solution
>    Organize company roles, manage competencies, monitor your users growth with built-in skill gap analysis

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